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Filtration in Healthcare

The Healthcare industry uses filters in a variety of ways. Filtration is used for a number of applications in central water systems. medical device reprocessing uses filters to remove particles from wash water so they won’t be deposited on devices and filters rinse water to remove bacteria and protect reprocessed devices after high level disinfection.

Central Water Systems

Cartridge Filters

Pure water is a critical part of many treatments. Filters are used in multiple locations to help meet the water quality requirements for some of those treatments. The requirements are established by regulation (AAMI and USP), but reaching that quality is more complex than simply installing water filters. Whether used in advanced treatment systems like reverse osmosis/deionization, or in water distribution lines, filters help protect patients.

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Medical Device Reprocessing

Capsule Filters

Filtration of chemicals and water used in medical device reprocessing is critical to patient safety. Multiple liquids are used in the reprocessing of medical devices. Makeup water, cleaning solutions, disinfection solutions and rinse water all must be filtered to prevent bacterial or particulate contamination.

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Decades of Experience

Critical Process Filtration (Critical Process Filtration) brings decades of experience to this highly regulated industry and partners with customers to create compliant, cost-effective filtration solutions.

Partnering for Cost-Effective Compliance

Critical Process Filtration has decades of experience with filtration in critical applications, including applications in regulated industries. Whether removing bacteria rinse water or assuring that water is free of bacteria, Critical Process Filtration has the filters to help protect patients.

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