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Filtration in Life Sciences

The Life Sciences industry includes three major segments – pharmaceuticals (drugs produced by chemical processes), biopharmaceuticals (drugs produced by cell culture or by genetically modified plants or animals), and plasma fractionation (blood components). Critical Process Filtration brings decades of experience to this highly regulated industry and partners with customers to create compliant, validated, cost-effective filtration solutions.


Cartridge Filters

The production of small molecule drug products, also known as active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), is still a vibrant industry. We have decades of experience developing filtration systems for solvent processes and liquid chemical processes. We will work with you to create the most cost-effective filtration train while meeting or exceeding regulatory requirements

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Capsule Filters

Critical Process Filtration understands filters for processing cell culture and plant/animal based products. We support both upstream and downstream processes with a wide range of membrane and media filtration options in multiple device types with varying retention and binding characteristics. We can help you at every stage of your process.

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Plasma Fractionation

Capsule Filters

Many blood components are therapeutic. The plasma fractionation process separates and purifies them for patients. There are two fractionation methods. The traditional method precipitates selected proteins from the plasma. A more modern, efficient method uses chromatography to separate proteins. Each method uses several filtration steps.

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Development to Production

With configurations from 13mm disc filters to 40" cartridge filters, all made with the same attention to quality and cost, process scale up can be easily accomplished using Critical Process Filtration products and support. Whether evaluating the filtration of cell culture media, removing undissolved particles in a solvent process or validating sterile filtration, Critical Process Filtration will work with you to create the most cost-effective process possible.

Whatever size process is engineered, Critical Process Filtration has the devices that fit. We provide disc filters for performing laboratory work. Our smaller capsule filters allow scale up to bench scale or pilot production. For smaller production lots or for single use, disposable applications, larger Critical Process Filtration capsulated filters allow high flow and ease of disposal and significantly reducing or eliminating cleaning and cleaning validation costs. Finally, Critical Process Filtration cartridge filters and stainless steel housings are available for dedicated, large scale production.

Critical Process Filtration will provide Validation assistance. Click here to download a brochure outlining those services.