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Electronics & High Purity Chemicals

Critical Process Filtration understands the filters used to manufacture semiconductors, flat panel displays, data storage media, photovoltaics and the chemicals used in the making of these ultraclean devices.

Multiple Filter Media, Any Scale
With configurations ranging from 13mm disc filters to 40" cartridge filters, Critical Process Filtration can provide filters for any volume of liquid or gas required in your process. All of our products are made in cleanrooms with the same attention to quality, cleanliness, and cost. Whether evaluating the filtration of a new fluid or polishing high volumes of UPDI water in the distribution loop, Critical Process Filtration will work with you to create the most cost effective process possible.


Filtration is critical in a number of facilities functions. All water, chemicals and gases used during production must be free from contaminants to preserve process yields and protect process efficiency. The first step in assuring contaminant-free fluids is filtration. Filters remove particles that may reduce your yields.

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Data Storage

Newer data storage technologies like HAMR (Heat Assisted Media Recording) and BPM (Bit Patterned Media) are pushing manufacturing precision requirements to higher and higher levels. As the gap between reader and media grows smaller and smaller, contamination control becomes more and more critical.

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Flat Panel Displays

The highly competitive flat panel display market is driving the development of both higher resolution displays and more cost effective manufacturing techniques. As the demand for higher resolutions increases, so does the need for better, cost-effective contamination control, including filtration of process fluids.

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Contamination control is one of the most critical processes in semiconductor manufacturing. Critical Process Filtration has a broad range of membranes and media available in multiple configurations for high flow and low flow applications from bulk distribution to point-of-use dispensing of liquids or gases.

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Ultrapure Water Filtration

Water treatment is a critical part of any electronics manufacturing process. The industry standards for ultrapure water quality are well known and understood, but reaching and maintaining that water quality is more complex than simply installing a sealed reverse osmosis and deionization system.

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Filtration is critical in a number of chemical distribution and use applications. All liquid chemicals used during production must be free from contaminants to preserve yields and protect process efficiency. Critical steps in assuring contaminant free chemicals are the bulk and point-of-use filtration of those chemicals.

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Process Gases

Contamination control for gases improves yields by removing particulates that can cause defects. Gas distribution and point-of-use systems are all designed to maintain purity, but filtration is required to insure against system upsets. Using filter products made using hydrophobic media helps yields.

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Photolithography technology allows the continued growth of computing power through smaller and smaller device geometries. With smaller, multi-layer circuitry, semiconductor chips are more and more complex and require even more contamination control measures, including filtration, to assure acceptable yields.

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CMP Slurries

CMP solutions have improved the process of creating multi-layer semiconductor circuits. By making the layers a uniform thickness, they allow the reliable deposition of multiple layers. The polishing process is repeated after each layer is created, and filtration assures that oversized particles will not cause defects.

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The plating processes for semiconductor or data storage are critical to the fabrication of reliable products. Electroless nickel is plated on aluminum substrate for data storage media. Copper is deposited on semiconductors to create the functioning circuits. Filters prevent particle contaminants from causing defects.

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