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Industrial & Specialty Applications

Filters are a critical part of the manufacturing of specialty chemicals, high quality ink jet inks, and many other liquids for industrial and service processes. Critical Process Filtration also understands industrial water filtration, whether for washing parts or as the basis for a high-purity product. We will work with you to cost-effectively improve the filtration processes that are critical to the success of your company.

With configurations ranging from 13mm disc filters to 40" cartridge filters, Critical Process Filtration can provide filters for any volume of fluid required in your process. All of our products are made in cleanrooms with the same attention to quality, cleanliness, and cost. Whether evaluating the filtration of a new fluid or purifying high volumes of water, Critical Process Filtration will work with you to create the most cost-effective process possible.

Water Purification

Critical Process Filtration has decades of experience with water filtration and water treatment. From removing chlorine from drinking water to helping transform river water to ultrapure water, Critical Process Filtration has the filters to make your treatment system run smoothly and reliably and deliver the right quality for all your processes.

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Chemical Processing

Filtration is critical in a number of chemical processing applications. All liquids and gases used during production must be free from contaminants that can interfere with the manufacturing process. Filtration will preserve process quality and improve process efficiency.

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Waterjet Cutting

Waterjet cutters rely on good water quality for efficiency and long operational life. Filters control particle content and protect critical system components, like the intensifier plunger. In most cases, the waterjet cutting system manufacturer will specify the level of filtration required.

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Ink Jet Ink

Assuring the quality of printing is critical to the success of any manufacturer of ink jet inks, and filtration is key to the quality of the ink. Building cost effective filtration systems will help both the print quality and the profitability of the manufacturer.

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OEM & Custom Filters

We manufacture specialty filtration cartridges, OEM cartridge filters, and other ancillary products. We can also provide your company with services such as filter media engineering, custom filter configurations and filtration consulting.

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