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OEM & Custom Filters

We manufacture specialty filtration cartridges, OEM cartridge filters, and other ancillary products. We can also provide your company with services such as filter engineering and consulting.

OEM Filter Devices

Critical Process Filtration works in partnership with OEM customers to understand the unique challenges faced by each. We work together to conduct testing and perform benchmarking to develop specific devices for OEM filter applications. We stand beside OEM personnel as their unique filter design is implemented and efficiencies and costs are improved. This attention to detail and the strong relationships developed with all our customers create the most cost efficient filtration processes.

Custom Capabilities

With industry expertise and comprehensive laboratory support, we'll design a system or product selection to meet your manufacturing needs, while optimizing process economics. We will conduct compatibility tests for filter materials, identify contaminants in streams, and optimize filtration processes. If necessary, we will custom manufacture filter devices. We will also provide assistance for your internal QA/QC or validation of our filter.

OEM Media

We are a vertically integrated manufacturer and cast our own filter membranes. We supply OEM partners with membranes of Nylon, PES or other materials made to their specifications.


Providing low cost, superior quality products is only a part of our mission. We support each of our filtration devices and media with the service of skilled personnel boasting decades of industry expertise. From design to troubleshooting to contamination identification to systems engineering, you'll benefit from an educated, informed, responsive relationship.

Contact Critical Process Filtration to learn how we can evaluate your facility and recommend cost effective filtration that will safeguard chemical quality.