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Ink Jet Ink

Assuring the quality of printing is critical to the success of any manufacturer of ink jet inks, and filtration is key to the quality of the ink. Building cost effective filtration systems will help both the print quality and the profitability of the manufacturer.

Water Filtration

Water based inks must be created with high quality water. Reaching and maintaining that quality is more complex than simply installing a filter or even a reverse osmosis and deionization system.

Critical Process Filtration has decades of experience with water filtration and water treatment. From removing chlorine from drinking water to helping transform river water to ultrapure water, Critical Process Filtration has the filters to make your treatment system run smoothly and reliably and deliver the right quality for all your processes. Click here to learn more about protecting or improving your water quality.

Raw Materials

The quality of the liquid ingredients used to make inks has an obvious impact on the end result. How much filtration is required to assure a high quality outcome depends on the initial quality of the materials, the storage system, the distribution and dispensing equipment and the environmental conditions at your facility. Critical Process Filtration has a wide range of media and device options ranging from depth filters to high purity membrane filters to filter solvents, liquid dyes and other raw materials to help assure high quality results.

Formulation & Filling

The most critical process in any ink manufacturing operation is the protection of final product quality. Filtration is the key to assuring that the ink is free from large particles and agglomerates, will flow freely and create the desired image on printed material. Critical Process Filtration depth filters are used for large particle removal. Critical Process Filtration membrane filters may be used to remove sub-micron particulates for the highest quality printing applications. The filters chosen must remove the target contaminants, but they cannot adversely affect any other characteristics of the ink. Critical Process Filtration can help you find the filtration solution that will deliver the print quality your customers need.

Laboratory to Production

With configurations ranging from 13mm disc filters to 40” cartridge filters, all made with the same attention to quality and cost, process scale up can be easily accomplished using Critical Process Filtration products and support. Whether evaluating the filtration of solvents or testing filterability of finished formulations, Critical Process Filtration will work with you to create the most cost effective processes possible.

To estimate the number of filters you will need for your application, use our unique sizing tools.

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